Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift Cleansing and Micro-firming Massage Brush Review

  During the most recent Prime Day on Amazon, I bought this Clarisonic Smart Profile brush.  It was something I had debated buying for quite some time because I didn't know if it was really worth it.  Then one night I was looking at my face after getting ready for bed and I thought my chin line was starting to look like it was losing its firmness.  This was stuck in the back of my mind on Prime Day when I was looking at deals and saw that all Clarisonic products were on a big discount, and I decided it couldn't hurt to add the device to my skin care routine.    

  It charges by attaching to a magnetic charger, and it holds the charge for a really long time.

  I have already used a couple of Clarisonic brand cleansers in the past and I really like them.  It feels like my skin is clean without being dried out afterwards.  You can, however, use any cleanser you like with the device.  The most recent one I have been using is the Clarisonic Radiance Foaming Milk.   It has a nice scent but it's pretty subtle.  I also bought two extra brush heads- one that is softer (the Cashmere and one for extra exfoliating (the Radiance).  I haven't used the cashmere brush yet because since I'm rotating between the other two brush heads I don't need it yet.


1.  My pores have absolutely gotten smaller after using it for two months.  Maybe there are other changes in my skin for the better, but this is the one I have been happiest about.  

2.  I tend to hold a lot of tension in my jaw, back by my ears and this gives me a more pronounced relaxation in that area than just a manual massage with my finger tips.

3.  Different brush heads to target my skin concerns. 

4.  There is a body brush to use on my knees and feet-  I wear Birkenstocks a lot and I think their footbed material sucks the moisture out of my feet so I have to scrub them to keep them smooth.  

5.  Stays charged forever.


1.  The price makes this device quite an investment.  It put me off buying it for a long time.  Ultimately I decided it was worth it because it saves me money and time over going to a spa or salon for regular skin care.

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