Friday, September 14, 2018

VOLTA Review - Find Your Free!

  In my backyard we have a trampoline.  My kids bounced on it all summer and it was fun to watch them.  Sometimes they would even ask me to jump with them.  I think they liked for me to get on the trampoline mainly because I do a great (unintentional) impression of an injured kangaroo, but also maybe because they liked sharing the excitement of their physical creativity as they gave names to the various jumps they did and performed their moves in time to the music on radio.

  Basically, I'm saying that this summer put me into the mindset to really appreciate Cirque du Soleil's new show, VOLTA.  I came into the show with ideas that about what you could do with things like jump ropes, bike riding and trampoline bouncing and VOLTA took those and morphed them into acts that I don't know how to begin to describe in a way that does them justice.  As Mr. Mother of Style so eloquently put it that night: Wow!

  Before the doors (flaps?) of the Grand Chapiteau - Big Top in French- opened there were a few performers mingling with the crowd, available to take pictures with you and handing out clown noses.  

  Then we went inside where there was champagne, snacks and merchandise for sale. 

There were also VOLTA cast members available for pictures.  This is the second Cirque du Soleil show we have been to and I'm again so impressed with how nice the artists are- they're about to go put on a physically and emotionally demanding performance but you would never think that because they are so relaxed and gracious.

 Great view from our seats.  We are just off from the center of the stage and a few rows back.

  Here are some photos from the performance, mostly taken from our seats with a few thrown in from the VOLTA media library:

  Double dutch on steroids:

Photo courtesy of VOLTA media library
  The central character of the VOLTA story is Waz, who is outed as being different from everyone else and then learns how to love his Waz-ness.  He's here with Ela, a muse who also appears throughout the show to nudge characters to embrace their individuality.

Photo courtesy of VOLTA media library
I really liked the costume design for this show.  It had so much movement and really enhanced the show.  I am here for the sparkle!

The Trampowall aka OMG how do they get inside the window and make it look so easy aka I want the kids to see/don't show the kids this!

The BMX:

  A show-stopping performance by Danila Bim was one of my favorite moments of the show.  Click here for a great video that features an interview with the artist and snippets of her performance on King 5.  I joke to myself that my hair is my hobby and so it was pretty impressive to think she could do this suspended by her hair.  She had such beautiful control of her movements.  Amazing costume, too. 
Photo courtesy of VOLTA media library
  Curtain Call:

A 30 second summary of VOLTA from their media library:

  It was a lovely evening.  Everyone was so talented and put on an amazing show.

  We are planning on going again with our children for our daughter's birthday.  Can't wait to share it with them!

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