Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sherlock Gnomes Review

  After passing on the mantle of leadership to their children, Gnomeo's mother and Juliette's father, not to mention all the other gnomes in their garden kingdom, have gone missing.  Something or someone is stealing all the garden gnomes in London, and Gnomeo and Juliette are new to the area so they don't know where to start to find their missing crew.

  Cue Sherlock Gnomes and Watson...

  My kids, 5 and 11, both liked this movie because it was quick-paced and had lots of fun little moments highlighting popular characters from the first movie as well as introducing interesting bits for the new characters. 

  There were even some chuckles for the parents, especially as you watch the dynamics between the young team and the older team.  I felt like there was some truths in there, but maybe I'm silly to get all deep and navel gaze-y over a kids movie...

  This was a fun evening out with my younger two and I look forward to seeing it again once it comes out on DVD.  

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