Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kendra Scott Earring Comparison: Danielle vs. Elle vs. Dani

L to R: Danielle, Elle, and Dani.  Not shown: Lee.

  Kendra Scott earrings are kind of a staple in my jewelry box.  I hesitated to get any for awhile because it seems like everyone has them and I didn't want to feel like a follower, but I took the plunge  because at the end of the day I think you should wear what you like regardless of what others are doing. 

  I found it hard to know what size to order, so I thought I'd share my observations in case it helps someone else out! In the picture above there is a pen in the top of the photo to give perspective on size.

 Danielle is the largest size, and while it is visually an impactful visual statement, I felt the size was overwhelming for me, because any time I leaned forward it felt like two dinner plates hanging from my ears.  The only way I would wear these is if I first added "Lobe Wonder" stickers to the back of my ear lobes to help support them from the weight of the earrings.

  Elle is a good compromise if you want the big size but can't quite handle it. They aren't earrings I can wear every day because they do hurt your ear lobes a bit after more than a day of wear.  I have used "Lobe Wonder" with them and that does help make it feel a little more stable. 

  Dani is the best size, in my opinion.  They are my favorite because the size is still big enough to showcase the material they are made of (the abalone are especially beautiful) but not so big as to cause discomfort when you wear them.

  Lee is the smallest size available for this style, and is a nice option if you want something dainty.

  So, I've mentioned "Lobe Wonder" a couple of times.  They are little clear, circular stickers made out of a medical tape material that gives extra backing to your ear lobe to minimize drooping and stretching on your ear lobes when you wear heavy earrings.  Put them on the back of your earlobe before inserting the earring. There is a Kendra Scott version of these but I haven't tried those. 

Highly recommended:

Hope this helps!

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