Tuesday, April 26, 2016


  It didn't take me long to decide I would like a pair of these sandals by Fleeps after I saw a friend of mine wearing her new bright yellow ones.  The style is pleasantly novel, and they come in so many pretty colors.  

  I already have a few pairs of havaianas in a couple of bright colors so I thought it would be nice to order these in "galaxy blue" because the dark color against my frog's-underbelly-white feet would highlight the Fleep's unusual style:

The way to wear them is to slide the straps until it fits comfortably around your ankle and then tuck the loose end of the strap into itself, like you might do with a long belt.  Fleeps go up to size 11. I found them to be true to size.  They are really lightweight and there is enough cushioning that I didn't feel any little rocks walking through the parking lot while out running errands.

  Another nice feature of Fleeps is the company's pledge of 10% of  the purchase price of each pair goes to funding the Fleeps Foundation, which in turn partners with non-profits to provide educational support for disadvantaged girls around he world.  Click HERE to visit Fleeps official site to read a better breakdown and explanation of the company's philanthropic mission:  "Buy a pair, Change a life."

  They arrived pretty quickly in a sleek little box and inside there was a brand information card as well as a coupon code for 10% off a future purchase,

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