Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Smythe One Button / Duchess Blazer

Smythe blazer | Tory Burch dress | LK Bennett heels 

  I first saw this Smythe One-Button Blazer on Kate Middleton and thought it was gorgeous.  I didn't want to like it because I was thinking, is it just because Kate is wearing it and does that mean I'm being influenced by that instead of by the fact that I truly like it out of my own volition?  But when I kept seeing it from the back, I have to say, I love that cut-out vent.

  Specifically, I love the way the vent in the back of this blazer is shortened.  It's so cool looking.  Really the whole jacket is a masterpiece, but that feature is what drew me in to investigating the brand further..  I have become really interested what goes in to constructing a blazer since I've decided to try to sew my own.

  I also really like the sleeves- they have cuff buttons that actually come undone.  Although the infographic at the bottom calls these "functional" cuffs, I've also heard them described as "surgeon's cuffs," recalling a time when a doctor wore a jacket and would need to unbutton his jacket sleeves to roll them up before working on a patient.

  Because the blazer has such specific lines in the way it is made you might have to size up because it is consequently very fitted.  I might buy an 8 or a 10 in most cases, but for this style I am wearing a 12.

  Here is an info graphic I found doing an image search. Pretty interesting.  If you browse through Smythe styles, you will see many of these details in their designs.

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