Thursday, March 31, 2016

Boots For Narrow Calves / Skinny Legs

  My calves measure 13" around.  This means it can be challenging to find boots that fit close to the leg.  I'd like to share with you some observations and tips I've come up with over the years that might help you to decide if a boot that you like is a contender when you have skinny legs.  I also have some specific models to recommend which have worked for me.  I hope it helps you!

General Tips

1.  When you look at info for a boot online, there will be measurements for shaft (how tall the boot is from the footbed) and the circumference (how big around the boot opening is)   The best are boots with a circumference between 13 " to 14".  I will consider up to 14 1/2" if it's a pair that will be worn just with pants tucked in to them.  Over the knee boots can go up to 15" for the circumference and still be OK.  For ankle boots and chelsea style boots, the circumference you want to see is 10" at the most.

  Occasionally this number will be deceiving because that measurement is done on a small size shoe, like a 6 or 7, and when you get to a larger size (I wear a 10) the circumference correspondingly gets larger.

2.  Examine the profile view of the boots.  If they are leather and there is an obvious curve to the calf of the boot it will likely be too wide when you put them on.  Same warning if there are little panels built in to the back of the calf.  Those are there to allow the boot to stretch farther open for larger calves, but it can mean that they will be too big for your narrow calves.

3.  Consider the material of the boots- you might have to consider a boot that is not one solid material all the way around because that is harder to find in narrow profiles.  It's easier to get a close fit with a style that is constructed from half leather half leather/half stretchy fabric.   You can also consider boots made from materials like microsuede or nylon.

4.  Read the reviews- Don't disregard a pair of boots with a low rating until you check why they have that feedback: Sometimes people rate boots lower because they were hard to get into- great news if you have skinny legs.  When you read something like "Too tight to zip up" that means it might actually fit your legs!

My Picks:

  I've tried to make a list with a range of price points, as well as including as many different brands as I could find.  Brands that tend to make narrow boots include Aquatalia, Paul Green, Vince, La Canadienne, Joie,  Delman, LK Bennett, Donald J. Pliner, some Clark's styles and Stuart Weitzman (SW can vary.  Some styles run larger, and you will get a better fit if you go down half a size).


Lucky Women's Basel Boot (comes in lots of colors):

Paul Green Dory:

ASH Hurrican:


Delman Corie:

Cole Haan Daryl:

Knee High

Clark's Charlie Zip:

Cole Haan Elisha:

Donald J. Pliner Nelly:

La Canadienne Sandra:

Aquatalia Oralie Equestrian:


Luichiny Lee:

Stuart Weitzman 5050:

Vince Camuto Karita:

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