Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Removing Tags From Clothing Easily

There are many reasons for wanting to get rid of a tag- usually because it feels bad or looks bad to leave.   It can be tricky because you don't want to ruin the item or because using scissors doesn't completely remove it.  

I like to sew and yet I only recently made the connection that I can use the seam ripper to take off tags more easily and completely.  I thought I would post about it in case could be a useful tip for someone else.  A seam ripper will only set you back $3.00 on average- a fancy one tops out at $5,00.

1,  The tag at the end of my scarf needs to go:

2. Pull out your trusty seam ripper:

3.  Gently but firmly pull back the tag and slip pointy end of ripper under a stitch and continue sliding it forward until it cuts:

4.  Pull out loose threads and fix the material if needed to get rid of the stitch marks by either scraping the holes gently with your nail or by steaming or ironing the spot: