Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pan Movie Review

 At the beginning of Pan you are told:
Sometimes friends begins as enemies and enemies begin as friends. Sometimes to truly understand how things ends, we must first know how they begin.
  This movie is where we come to learn the story of how Peter Pan ended up at Neverland.  There is a bad guy played  by Hugh Jackman (Or as we call him at my house, Huge Ackman, thanks to his cameo in the third installment of Night At the Museum). There are good guys you can cheer for and still others who you have to categorize under a question mark as you are not quite sure if you can trust them.   

  Since I don't see how I can really talk about specifics of the movie without using spoilers, I can only really say that as we walked out of the theater, my 12 year old daughter and I had enjoyed ourselves.  The movie was a bit ambitious- the plot rolled along with only a few minor lulls but I felt at times that I wanted them to spend a couple minutes more on elements such as Blackbeard and Peter's mother and why the fairies needed Peter (it looked like they were doing just fine at defending themselves when push came to shove??).

  My daughter wanted more closure about Hook and Peter, but I suppose that will come in a sequel if one is made.  She was taken aback by modern songs being used by the characters but allowed that perhaps it could be considered "edgy." 

  The reception to Pan hasn't been amazing, but I certainly think it's good enough for a family movie night.

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