Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Tips For At-Home Eyebrow Waxing - Sally Hansen Microwaveable Kit

  Because I have a toddler, it's hard to go to a salon for eye brow waxing so I usually do them at home.  Not only is it more convenient, it's a lot less expensive! 
  I've been using the Sally Hansen Microwaveable Eyebrow, Face and Lip Wax Kit for about a year.  Here are a few observations on at-home eye-brow waxing:
1) Make sure the wax has the right consistency before you start.  You can tell this by noticing that at the edges of the jar it starts to get a bit thick, but if you stir it into the center it melts down again.  There's also an indicator on the little spatula included with the kit. 
2) Apply generously.  If you apply it too thinly it will be more challenging to remove, and it might not grab the hairs enough. 
3) Roll the edge up with your fingernail to remove.  Once you have an even "tab" to hold it is easy to pull quickly (in the opposite direction of hair growth) to remove it. 
4) Expect that it might take more than one round of heating to complete the job.  Even after a year of using this I can't ever seem to get my eyebrows done without putting it back for a second warm up in the microwave.
5) Skip the eyebrow stickers. They can give you a basic idea, but they won't stay on for long.
6) Use the oil at the end to remove any stray bits of wax.
7) You might have to replace the jar before you use all the wax.  It gets a little messy after each use, and eventually you might find it easier to just start over with fresh clean wax.
8) Clean up is easier on bathroom surfaces like tile than wood.  If you drip or spill, it comes right off of tile. Wood is a bit more work, but even then it's not hard.  You can always put a baggy with ice on the area that needs cleaning if it doesn't want to come off, and then gently scrape it off with a silicon spatula.

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