Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Merci Maman Personalized Bracelet

  I have had this bracelet from Merci Maman for a few years.  It was a present from my brother-in-law.  My children's and my husband's names are engraved on sterling silver heart charms on a satin cord.  The way the bracelet is made you can adjust the fit of the bracelet, which I really like. 

  Recently I thought it would be nice to add one more heart charm with my youngest son's name since he wasn't born yet when I got the bracelet!  I went to the Merci Maman website and ordered the new charm-  I also decided to change the cord from pink satin (which got dirty looking over time) to a black waxed cotton cord.  Then I printed out my order and mailed my bracelet off to the Merci Maman office in the UK.

   Since my order they have also made it possible to order through Amazon,

  I was impressed by how quickly it came back- it was about 2 weeks from when I mailed it to when it came back in the mail.  It came with a nice little paper box and a printed insert showcasing the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge also wears their jewelry, specifically a charm necklace called the Duchess.

  Merci Maman a really cute brand- lots of great ideas for personalized gifts for anyone, including moms, dads, kids and grandparents.  I can never think what to get for my mom or my husband, but I think I might have a good idea after perusing the website... 

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