Friday, February 7, 2014

The Lego Movie Reviewed by My 7 Year Old.

The LEGO Movie



  Emmett is doing his best to fit in to the world.  He does what everyone else does and thinks life is great: he is part of a team.  Then one day after work he sees a beautiful stranger, falls through a hole and wakes up with a big red thing called the Piece of Resistance stuck to his back.  He finds out that he is the mythic (mini) figure who is prophesized to save the world from destruction.  He is "the Special."  But what is so special about him when even his own coworkers can't remember who he is?


  I think the Lego Movie is good for adults and children.  It's VERY funny.  There's lots of good jokes that make you laugh out loud! When I saw it, I laughed so hard. The message of the movie is that you can be special in your own way.  I want to see it again.  And again.  And again.


  Check out the fun movie website with games and videos.

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