Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Tips For Blonde Eyebrows

 When you have blonde eyebrows, they are basically invisible to everyone.  If they are overgrown, it's only noticeable to you.  But if they are groomed, it does look nice...

  See what I mean?

  The results are less dramatic when your eyebrows are blonde, but if you can find the times, it's nice to make the effort.  The most important part of grooming your eyebrows is tweezing or waxing them. If you do nothing else, this will make your eyes look more awake.

   I usually tweeze my brows and the best thing that I've found is to use a pair of "crab claw" tweezers.  Their shape helps you to grab the brow hairs better and I think it hurts a bit less than traditional straight tweezers.

  If you want to go further with defining your brows with a pencil or gel, the biggest tip I have is to use a highlighter/illuminator underneath the length of the eyebrow.  Making it brighter and lighter helps to define and provide some contrast for your brows.

  I use either "High Brow" from Benefit or Nars illuminator in Orgasm.  You can also just use a light ivory or slightly shimmery eye shadow that you might already have on hand.

  There are a few ways to enhance your eyebrows- you can choose between pencils, powders or gels.  They can even be combined if you are really into it :)

   To define your brows with powder it isn't necessary to buy a special brow powder product.  For example, I just use a shade from one of these two palettes I like and use.  From Urban Decay Naked 1 there are two options:  "Naked" or "Buck," and from the Bobbi Brown Soho Chic palette I use "Cement." I bought a stiff angle brush for $5 and save it just for eyebrows.

  If you are interested in using a brow pencil, the best blonde eyebrow pencil I've found is the Brow Whiz in "Ash Blonde" by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  So many "blonde" eyebrow pencils are too dark or orangey, but this one looks natural.  When I use a pencil this is my technique:
  1. Lightly trace a line along the bottom of the eyebrow
  2. Define the inner and largest part of the eyebrow
  3. Trace a light line along the top of your eyebrow
  4. Lightly add in some pencil to the body of the brow
  5. Brush/rub the brow hairs a bit with either an eyebrow brush or a fine-toothed comb to finish 
  Brow gel is a great option if...
  • You want to experiment with a little definition without feeling nervous that you are over-doing it. 
  • You are in a rush
  • You want to set your brow pencil or powder

  Grooming your brows when you are blonde might be something you usually skip because you think no one will notice, but if nothing else it can be something nice to do for yourself.  If you aren't already give it a try! 

  If you have any tips or products to recommend, I'd love to hear more- Please comment below!!

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