Monday, October 14, 2013

French Riviera With Kids - Antibes Musee Picasso

  Antibes is an ancient city used since the days of the Roman Empire.  In fact if you want to see some Roman history while you are in France (known as Gaul in those days), this is a good city for it.  We went to Antibes for half a day to walk around a bit and to visit the Musee Picasso.  This Museum was a home (Chateau Grimaldi) in the 1920s when Pablo Picasso came to stay for 6 months, and most all of the Picasso works here are from that visit.  There are many other artists' work here, in fact they outnumber the Picasso stuff.  If you have a stroller, there is a small elevator.

 Bell tower of church by the Museum:

Façade of Musee Picasso:

Checking out some frolicking fauns:

One of three walls worth of Picasso's pottery experiments: 

Sculpture garden out the back of the museum:


Where we parked in Antibes:

A vast covered outdoor market on the way to the Museum:

I wish we had more time to explore Antibes, but it was a nice experience.  We finished up with some gelato on the way back towards the car.

  One tip- Know what your bill total should be and what change you should expect back after paying for things in a tourist-heavy town like Antibes.  It can be an all too common occurrence that people selling you goods- be it at a café, a market stall, a gelato stand, etc- will either charge you differently than the advertised price or give you back the wrong change.  Don't worry, if you point out the difference in what you were expecting with what they are asking/returning, there is little chance they will be unpleasant.  They will just be like, "Oops!" and make it right. 

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