Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Britax B-Agile Stroller Accessories Review with Video

Doesn't everyone take pictures of their stroller on vacation??

  The Britax B-Agile stroller has to be one of my favorite baby-related purchases of all time.  I bought it ahead of my family's trip to France this last summer because I wanted a lightweight stroller that would be easy to fold as well as being simple to navigate anywhere I took it.  The stroller has performed beautifully since I bought it.  I have added some accessories that really make it even nicer,  and I wanted to share my experience of them in this post.      

  A video I made highlighting the Britax stroller accessories that I like and use:

 Below is a photo I took of my oldest son walking with the Britax stroller bag through Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.  It was so nice to receive this stroller bag from Britax. Using it at the gate check-in made me feel reassured that the stroller wasn't going to get all banged up between when I left it at the gate and when we landed:

  I thought I would end up talking more shots later, but this ended up being the only one!  At this moment we had just left one of the two Air France traveler lounges at Schipol because we realized that that first lounge was a lot farther from the gate of our next flight, and so we wanted to be at the other lounge which was closer to eliminate any worry about whether we would make it to the gate in time for early boarding.

  To keep the inside of the stroller looking nice, and to add a little extra padding for your little one, there are Britax Fashion Inserts in a few different patterns.  Here the set Britax was kind enough to send me in the "Redwood" pattern:

Here is a close-up of the seat.  If you need to remove it to clean it, it's easy to due since it utilizes Velcro to close:

  Funny story about the insert...

  As we sat in the airport lounge ahead of our first flight, I felt pretty satisfied that I prepared as much as possible for this trip.  Thinking back to our first trip to France 10 years ago, I remembered how badly the stroller we had at the time had fared and I knew this time it would be different since I had the stroller bag and even a seat protector. 

  ...Wouldn't you know it that one of my kids ended up knocking my husband's glass of red wine all over the footrest section of the stroller?  Good news is, I cleaned it off, and when it dried there was no sign of any stains.  Even when you make plans you have leave room for the unexpected :)

  Back to the fashion insert, here is the underside of the top panel which you thread the straps through to install:

  The Britax beverage holder/key pouch.  I don't think I could use a stroller without one of these!

  A good stroller is at the top of my list when I think of what baby gear a mother needs.  The accessories and features I have mentioned above as well as what I wrote about in my Britax B-Agile stroller review add up to ease of use and comfort for mom and baby.           

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