Monday, September 16, 2013

Paris with Kids - Jardin du Luxembourg (with Video)

  This August we took a family vacation to France.  We spent a week on the French Riviera, a week in Paris and two days at Disneyland Paris.  I think we made some really nice family memories on this trip. 

  One afternoon in Paris we had a very enjoyable and sunny afternoon at the Jardin du Luxembourg.  The Palais du Luxembourg, which was once a private palace inhabited by Orleans branch of the former ruling family of France, is today the seat of the French Senate.

  At one end of the Jardin du Luxembourg is a place where you can rent a little sail boat and for half an hour guide it with a small staff when the wind blows it close enough to reach.  There is a little house for the ducks who call this place home.  They putter around calmly between the boats, and in the springtime their little babies trail behind them.  It's really cute.

A video of this area:

There are a few refreshment stands where you can buy ice cream and drinks.  The day we were there. off to one side of the sailboats there was a symphony concert featuring the score of Star Wars.  It was funny to look around at all the classical beauty of the gardens at the same time you could hear Darth Vader's theme.
  After the green lawn which stretches past the water basin there is an area with smaller trees which has tennis courts,  a merry go round and this stretch of pathway blocked off for kids riding rented carts:

There is a giant playground that you can pay to go into and play for about $3 dollars each.  This playground is the backdrop of my video blog about our day at the Jardin du Luxembourg:

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