Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy Sushi


 The kids and I had fun trying our hands at making sushi this last weekend.  We made cucumber rolls, spam rolls and -my personal favorite- smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls.

  To make sushi rice, you take 2 cups of calrose rice that you rinse in a sieve until the water runs clear, then add to 3 cups of boiling water.  Reduce the heat and allow the rice to cook slowly.  Then,  move the rice to a big bowl and add about 1 cup of rice vinegar and stir it occasionally until it is cooled.

  I prepped everything I needed and laid it out around the cutting board with the little roll-up mat I bought at the store.  Our supplies included a package of seaweed paper, plastic wrap, a mug of cold water, all the fresh ingredients and a bowl of sushi rice.  This was our work station:

 A great tip for keeping things neat: cut off a length of plastic wrap to put on top of the rolling mat to keep the rice from sticking to it:

I put down the seaweed sheet and then, using my fingers pre-wetted with water, put the rice on top, pressing it down to create an even layer: 

At this point, you can add your filling- like cucumbers or avocado for a simple veggie roll.  When you roll it up the seaweed will be on the outside.  If you want the rice to face outward, then put another piece of plastic on top of the rice, and flip it over, so that the seaweed side is facing up:

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber:

I placed the fillings about one third of the way up from the edge.  Roll over once, pressing firmly as you go. 

After the first roll up, it looked like this:

Readjust the plastic wrap and the mat, and finish rolling it up tightly:

When I went to slice the roll, I found that the seaweed was tough enough that it didn't want to cut without squishing down as I sliced.  I switched to a serrated edge knife and the slices turned out much better.

My son is not a big fan of sushi, and when we go out to eat sushi he will eat the least sushi-like items on the menu like katsu chicken or sesame noodle salad.  He does like spam, so we made a spam roll with cream cheese and cucumbers for him: 

My 10 year old daughter really liked making her own sushi:

Her finished cucumber rolls:

To make sushi for the kids' lunch, my game plan is going to be to make the rice and prep whatever is going inside the rolls the night before so that in the morning I just need to roll and cut them. I'll post an update when I make them again!

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