Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mother of Style's Quick & Easy Hair "Blow Out" How-To

I love how smooth and pretty freshly blown-out hair is, but it's really challenging to do at home.  My arms get tired and it takes longer than I want to spend on fixing my hair.  Instead, I fake it at home in half the time with the following items pictured above.

Here's how:

1.  Towel dry hair and apply a generous nickle-sized dollop of styling cream.  The styling cream is like old-fashioned setting lotion, so it will help hold your hairstyle.  You can even cut out hairspray at the end because of it.

2.  First work on drying the hair closest to your head- slowly rub the roots as you dry to help speed up the process.  Once it is mostly dry,  concentrate on keeping the air blowing down the hair shaft as opposed to up.  Blowing in the wrong direction as the strands dry will make it frizz.
   I have to mention that I love this hair dryer:  it's a Conair Infiniti Pro that I bought for the kids' bathroom and now I wish it were mine.  I come to their bathroom to dry my hair now because it dries my hair so fast.  It's faster than my more expensive dryer!  I highly recommend this dryer, it's amazing.

3.  Once hair is dry use a 1" barrel curling iron to curl the ends.  Curl the hair so that it flips out, alternating with a few sections curled under towards the back of your head.  After your hair is curled, this is when you can put a few big Velcro rollers on the crown for 5- 10 minutes if you want extra volume.  This won't curl your hair but it gives the roots a little lift.

4.  Take a scant dime-sized amount of finishing lotion and run over your hair.  "Blow-out" complete!

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