Monday, August 12, 2013

Giveaway Winners of the Dr. Brown's Gia Breastfeeding Pillow Announced

It's time to announce the 5 giveaway winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Mother of Style's Dr. Brown's Gia Breastfeeding Pillow Giveaway.

...But first, a few words about breastfeeding

In the post announcing the giveaway, I asked readers to comment with either something they learned from the post or some advice they had to share.  I'd like to recap and add a bit on some of the great advice shared about breastfeeding:
  • Ask for help if you need it.  Don't be reluctant to get in touch with a lactation consultant.  Online you can find great direction from sites such as, la leche league forums and Babycenter. You can also find help searching Youtube or making a search in "quotes" on your particular challenge.
  • Drink lots of water.  You can become dehydrated as a breastfeeding mom, so take care of yourself!  Keep a big glass of water or a water bottle near where you breastfeed so you can get a drink easily.
  • Give breastfeeding a month.  When you begin breastfeeding, there will come a point that it becomes challenging as your breasts get used to nursing.  It's a short period of time, but it can feel like forever.  If you aim for one month of breastfeeding you will get over that hump and breastfeeding will become a easier again for you and your baby. 
  • Use products that enhance and facilitate breastfeeding.  A machine washable breastfeeding pillow (like Dr. Brown's Gia Pillow), an all-natural nipple cream and a comfortable non-wire nursing bra are great companions for breastfeeding moms.
Now on to the giveaway winners!

Congratulations to:
  1. Brooke Thomas
  2. Linda Trinklein
  3. Elaine
  4. Nicki Joseph
  5. Denise Konkel
I will be contacting you by email today.  If you don't hear from Mother of Style shortly, please email me with your mailing address as soon as possible so we can send your new Dr. Brown's Gia Breastfeeding Pillow to you! 


  1. Will you be redrawing if the individuals don't claim their prize?

  2. Hi Monica,

    I have one person who hasn't gotten back to me. If I don't hear from that winner I will re-draw on Monday for the new winner.