Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Britax B-Agile Stroller Review with Video

We have had such great weather around here!  We've been to the park, the pool and the beach.  The kids are loving their summer vacation.  Being out so much is giving me a chance to get familiar with our newly purchased Britax B-Agile stroller. 

 This is the box and its contents:

Putting it together is very simple: you just slip on the three wheel units and clip on the canopy on each side.  It also comes with the adaptors to make this stroller accept a Britax infant car seat.

Here is the stroller in the trunk of the car- plenty of room to spare!

  I haven't had a stroller without the convenience of a drink holder, and I didn't want to start learning how to live without one now so I ordered the Britax stroller organizer, which is sold separately.  It's really nice because the strong Velcro on each side to wrap around the handlebar makes it feel secure.  It also has a personal items compartment with a strong magnetic lid. Best of all you can leave it attached because it doesn't interfere with folding the stroller!

The feature that sold me on this particular Britax stroller is how it the folds.  1) It's super easy and you can do it with one hand. 2) I like that it folds up into a square versus into a rectangle, because I think that will be easier to carry around next time we are on vacation. 

Here it is in action: 

  The only thing I am concerned about with my stroller is taking care of the handle bar.  The nature of the fold means that the handle might become beat up looking over time, so I am trying to be conscious of storing it on its side instead of standing it up on the handle end.

More nice features of this stroller: 
  • Canopy that folds out in two stages, so it really provides a lot of shade and protection for its passenger
  • Big rear wheels that make it easy to go over curbs and up/down small flights of stairs 
  • An open space between the rear wheels instead of a bar, so when you are pushing the stroller you won't kick anything. 
  I like the seat in this stroller because it feels like it is truly upright compared to some that feel like the all-the-way up position is still leaning back too much.  The stroller works from birth to 55 lbs, so I am happy to know that it will last us for a long time!  

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