Wednesday, July 24, 2013

10 Ways You Know You're A Mom

1.  Your breakfast is usually the scraps left over on the table from kids' breakfast.  Toast crust, anyone?

2.  You don't even flinch anymore when your kid tells you they like touching your tummy because it feels like "squishy bread dough!"

3.  You consider waking up at 6:30 to be sleeping in.

4.  You used to shave your legs on a regular basis but now, on a sunny day, you have come to appreciate a little breeze as it goes rustling through the lumberjack-like growth on them.

5. You realize how truly insightful the statement "Experience Wildlife: Have Children!" is.

6.  When speaking with other adults, you reflexively say, "Good job!!" at least once during the conversation.

7.  You still use the made-up and mispronounced words your kid said when he was 5.  He is now 15.

8.  You used to shudder when people talked about other women wearing "Mom Jeans" but now when you hear this you experience a moment of solidarity with the person wearing them.

9.  You only go to movies that are either made with stop motion or digital animation.

10.  You have to ask for a turn to use YOUR OWN PHONE.

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