Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ideas for Making Houseguests Feel Special

Summer is the season of visits from out-of-town guests.  Every year my in-laws travel all the way from France to stay with us and visit for a couple of weeks. 

I like to try and make their stay with us enjoyable by setting them up with a few things that make them feel comfortable and at home.  It's also nice for me because then I don't worry that I'm neglecting them or forgetting to do or make something they might need.

 Here's my list of what to put in the guestroom:

1.  Towels and washcloths with a color or pattern for each guest.  This way they can leave them in the bathroom and no one uses the wrong towel.

2.  Bottles of water.  Small bottles are good in case your guests want to put a bottle in their handbag if you go out sightseeing

3.  Mini Kleenex packs.

4.  Snacks.  Can of nuts, a few candy bars or chocolates, a breakfast type item like granola bars, some fresh fruit like apples, bananas and/or oranges.

5.  Flowers.  Something pretty is always a nice touch.

6.  Toiletries.  Hand lotion, mini hand sanitizer, mints, toothpaste and lip balm.

7.  Samples.  I like to save the samples from my cosmetics purchases and put them into a little bowl in the guestroom.

 I'm always looking for new ideas- please comment to tell me what you do for your guest, or if there was something someone did for you as a guest that you really enjoyed! 

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