Monday, April 1, 2013

Now that Spring Has Sprung

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. My husband and I congratulated ourselves as we chalked up another year of successfully hiding the eggs in the yard for the Easter egg hunt before the kids woke up and exposed us as the Easter Bunny.  No small feat- this year we had a little more pressure because our kindergartner has been waking up early and we were in a controlled panic that she was going to appear at the kitchen door and ask us what was going on!
Now that Easter is over I want to concentrate on getting the yard ready for Spring and Summer.  I need to do some weeding and a bit of planting.  I want to work at adding a few bird (and butterfly) -enticing plants because the birds that visit the yard are one of my favorite things about Spring.   Birds make their nests in our hedge and later we get to watch as their little babies learn to fly and go to the feeder with their parents.  
My dog also likes the birds.  When he is inside he is glued to the window, barking at the birds, mesmerized by them.  When he is outside, he races over to the tree where their feeder is suspended, and you can almost read his mind:  "I'm going to get these birds!!!"  Sadly for him, the birds are decidedly unafraid of him. He is a little poodle mix and when he comes storming out the door they just look down at him from the tree branch. They don't even fly around or act even the tiniest bit bothered by him anymore.  But he's happy so I guess there is no harm.
Are you making any plans for Spring this year?