Thursday, March 28, 2013

And Now There Are Four!

  The questions I get asked the most these days revolve around what it's like to have four children.  Is it hard?  Is it busy?  Is it fun?  Well, it is certainly full of happiness.  That's the best summary because it is what makes everything worthwhile- a new little sweetheart to join the rest of my dear children.  It's difficult to say if it's any harder than when I had three kids because I think once you have more than two, you have already created new routines and strategies to stay on track with all the things that make up your day as a mother so adding a fourth hasn't been too difficult overall.  It's been lots of fun, actually!

  The other kids have been super helpful and loving- having a teenager to snuggle the baby or empty the dishwasher or to go let the dog outside to play is nice.  Having two little girls chirping and entertaining the littlest sibling is priceless as well.  Clearly this little boy has an abundance of love and attention with three older ones to show him the ropes.

  There is a 15 year age gap between my oldest and youngest and I spend some of my time reflecting on the similarities of the experience when I was a new mother and now that I'm kind of a veteran at this whole Mom Gig.  The sentiment that I return to the most is how lucky I feel to get a bonus chance at raising a baby now that I know how quickly it goes and all the things that await us.