Monday, October 24, 2011

Marseille Memories

Today is such a dark grey.  The skies are full of rain clouds and the streets are slick.  The one thing I do like about how it looks outside are the bright orange and yellow leaves of the trees as they change color.  Driving the kids to school and looking at it all made me think of what a distant memory the sun feels like now.  It brought to mind the beauty of Marseille.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Story of A Caboodles Lost, and A Caboodles Gained.

This purple Caboodles case has been my makeup case for the last 20 years.  For a plastic case I think that's pretty impressive.  It's got three good section that I divide up for Face, Eye and the Kitchen Sink.  I bought it in high school.  I looked at other cases on occasion over the years but never found one that was better than this one for me.  It's been stuffed full of cosmetics for many years but finally it gave way after I tried to slam it shut one morning too many.  The little plastic clasp broke off with a crack of indignation.  "I'm old!  I can't take any more- I die...."

I went to Target and Bartell's to find another like it, but there were none.  Something as basic as replacing a makeup case shouldn't make a person break out in a cold sweat, but that is me:  I like what I like and once I find something that works well I tend to stick with it.

I went back home and did what I should have done in the first place:  I looked online and found the exact same model as my old case on  PHEW!!  And in a hot, glossy pink, even.  Rawrr!

So now all my make-up has a new home, and I even added a couple of new liner friends- a navy Urban Decay and a silver Stila, here with my old trusted stand-by liner, the L'Oreal "Le Grand Kohl" in Carbon Black.

Here's to another 20 years!