Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Makeup

After years of being happy to stick with the same makeup I have decided to become a bit more adventurous.  Every so often you have to try something new so that you don't get stuck in a rut.  I have somewhat fallen into said rut:  up to this point my choices for eye colors have been either a matte shell or a matte peach from Smashbox. 

But when I saw this beautiful "Naked" palette from Urban Decay I thought,  "I can do those colors!" There is really any shade a person could want, and I like that there is a mix of matte and shimmery colors ranging from light to dark.  I'm having a lot of fun deciding what to use each morning.  It's really easy to just pick one and sweep it across the eye lid-  I keep my application technique basic.

 The other two things I wanted to try out were an illuminator to put on my cheekbones and a peach blush.  Since two of my favorite lipsticks are NARS (Red Lizard, below, and Cruising, not shown) I think it's a natural extension to try out some more products from the brand- I love the texture of the packaging, the depth of the pigments, and anyways, who hasn't heard of their blush called "Orgasm?" It's a nice peach color.  The illumnator I chose is called "Copacabana."

I started watching some makeup tutorials from a YouTube channel for Pixiwoo, and they have really reignited my curiosity about makeup.  What about you?  Have you tried some new products that you want to share with the world, or do you go with less during the summer?