Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Hibernation

  Has anyone else had their dressing senses dulled by Winter?  All I care about is being warm, and it's not so much that what I have to wear isn't warm while looking nice, it's just that I've gotten into a rut:  Jeans and long sleeve T-shirt.  Boots.  Big black coat and scarf.  Done.  It's not bad, there's just not much variety.

 There have been a couple of situations where I could vary this look- dinner out, a birthday party- but I just can't think of what to wear- I'm standing in my closet surrounded by clothes, and yet there is nothing to wear???

  I'm just going with it,  and am kind of curious if the Spring with thaw out my brain at the same time it is pulling the dormant bulbs from the cold ground.  Time will tell.  Until then I'm going to check into whether or not The Northface makes pajamas:  I wouldn't even have to get dressed because I would already BE dressed....

  Genius or Madness, it's hard to say.