Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Legoland Trip Report

  We couldn't have asked for better weather on the day we visited Legoland during our recent vacation in California.  The lego models and lush landscaping of the park were set off beautifully by the bright blue-ness of the sky.
It was fun to spot the Lego models throughout the park and on the rides:

 Some of our favorite rides:

Aquazone Wave Racer

Lost Kingdom Adventure

Skipper School 

Beetle Bounce

Royal Joust
There are also buildings mixed in the park which are dedicated to building and experimenting with Lego lines, like this one for Bionicles.  Although he is into many different sets, my son has been a huge Bionicle fan forever.  We've even done a photo shoot with his creations, shot up-close and at ground level in the yard so it looks like one of the Bionicle movies.

After the kids ran, climbed and jumped around on the Hideaways playcourt, we made a mandatory stop for Granny's Apple Fries.  These are super good!  I have actually thought about them off and on ever since our previous trip 5 years ago.  You bite into the cinnamon-sugar dusted crispy outside and inside is warm apple compote.  Delicious!

After my beloved Granny's Apple Fries and a few more rides we went through the Lego factory tour, which fascinated the kids:

I like the variety of activities at Legoland- this fountain was a very popular item in the Water Works area.  There are little mats all around, and if you want the music to play and the fountains to spray, you have to hop around on those mats.  It was a great area- kids can play with water activities and not get very wet even.

Miniland, USA was very impressive.  It goes on and on with such a variety of scenes!  The kids were really enchanted with this part of Legoland.

In fact, there was so much to see in Miniland that we ran out of time to visit the new Sealife Aquarium right next to Legoland.  I love aquariums so I was sad to see it all dark and closed when we exited Legoland for the nigh!  I guess it will have to be seen on a future visit.  We had such a great time there is no way we won't be back!


  1. Great pics!! - we love Legoland! My husband is from Denmark and we took the kids to Legoland Billund in DK summer before last. Had planned to just spend one day but enjoyed it so much we went back for a second. :)

  2. This place is so beautiful. I'll definitely bring my kids here.
    Its so amazing the way the place was done.
    Two thumbs up..