Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Disneyland Part 3- The Disney California Adventure Report

One part of our trip that I was looking forward to was the visit to Disney California Adventure.  They have added several new things to the park since we last visited in 2007, such as a Monsters, Inc. ride,  Toy Story Mania, and the new lights-and-water show, World of Color.  

Feeling rather reporter-ly with complimentary park tickets for the day, I walked with my family into the park and headed to the Grizzly River Run, where we all got soaked.  I think the most amazing part of this ride is not how wet you get, but if any inch of you stays dry since there is alot of splashing and spraying going on!  We went first thing because we knew it would give us the day to dry off before the sun went down and the temperatures dropped.  

After the Grizzly River Run we went for a few times on the Golden Zephyr and the Silly Symphony Swings to dry off.  It worked great :)  Capped this with a turn on Soarin' Over California, one of the best rides in the park to do as a family.  

I notice that in the California Adventure side of Disneyland it feels very calm and laid-back.  It's kind of a nice change of pace from the fun but frenetic pace of Disneyland.  They also have pretty good food options.  I have been thinking about the food we ate last time ever since, and a sourdough bread bowl filled with soup was at the top of my list on this day.  Yet when we got there, I was in the mood for Mexican, so in the end I still didn't get my fix of chewy-crusted sourdough!  I blame the all-girl mariachi band walking around performing.  They were very good:

Forget the Tower of Terror- Mickey's Fun Wheel is the scariest ride in Disney's California Adventure!!  As it advances, you feel like you are on a roller coaster because the boxes run on a track from one edge of the wheel to the other. It glides from one side to the other, swinging back and forth until its momentum slows- just in time to go back the other direction.  In theory this sounds like  a fun ride, but something about the actual physical experience of it set off alarm bells in the prehensile area of my brain.  California Screamin' in the background was more my speed- strap me into the ride and then I am happy to go upside down even! 

We love the shows in Disney California Adventure:  It's Tough to Be a Bug, Muppets 3D and Turtle Talk with Crush were great.  The kids enjoyed Captain EO at Disneyland the day before, so it was fun to take in a few more shows.

There were no lines in the evening for Monster's, Inc so we went on several times.  I think it's because people were lining up for the ElecTRONica show.  My son is really in to "hidden Mickey's," the little mouse head and ears that are hidden in plain sight throughout both parks, so a few trips through here were great to give him the chance to spot them all.  We actually bought him a book that lists them all on this day and it was probably his favorite thing we bought on this trip.

Toy Story Mania.  I knew the kids would like this one.  Especially the big kid on the left...

Leading up to the opening of ElecTRONica for the evening, this dance show was something we all liked.  

We'd made plans earlier to watch World of Color but the kids were getting tired.  I think at this point it was 6 or 6:30, and show wouldn't be starting until around 9.  Mr. Mother of Style and I decided that we would have to save World of Color for a future trip, and we went over to Disneyland to finish up the evening.

 There is more construction underway for a future attraction featuring Goofy and all the Classic Disney characters like Mickey and Donald- I grew up watching all the "Classic Cartoon Favorites" of them so it will be fun to see them in action in this new area.

This concludes the Disneyland Report.  Fun was had by alll.  Good old memories came alive.  Happy new memories were created. 

...and they all lived happily ever after.



  1. I would love to bring my family to this place. I'm sure they'll enjoy. Its a great way to get out of my corporate life. I miss them a lot.