Monday, October 11, 2010

Homemade Soap

This last weekend the kids and I took on soap-making!  Okay, not real-from-scratch soap-making, but a version that was just as fun and satisfying for the kids.

This is all you need:

Here is the process we followed, according to a site we found through the Girl Scouts website:

Pure glycerin soap
Knife (to cut up soap)
Microwave-safe measuring cup
Soap mold (we used a star-shaped candy making mold)
soap-making dye (we used food coloring)
Plastic spoon (for stirring soap)

1. Cut soap into several pieces, place into measuring cup.
2.  Microwave soap for 20 second, stir.
3.  Microwave soap for 10 seconds, stir and repeat until soap is melted.
4.  Add coloring, stir and pour into molds.
5.  Let cool, then put soap into freezer for a few minutes to make it easy to pop out of mold.

This was a great activity because we had fun as a family and it was easy afterwards to clean up.  The kids were really excited to put soap into all the bathrooms once we were done and they were more than happy to take their showers since they had their self-made soap to use!

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