Friday, September 10, 2010

Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge

For our anniversary this year, my husband surprised me with a trip to the Gorge Ampitheatre to see one of my favorites, Dave Matthews Band!  Who has a fun, thoughtful, cool husband?? Me! 

 We had VIP tickets for the Friday show this last weekend, which meant we were seated in a section right behind the area for the pit ticket-holders in front of the stage.  Behind our seats was a walkway to the Cliffhouse, a VIP access only bar with air conditioning and stunning views.  Four could be seated in our box, but we were the only two in our section so it was pretty cool to have our own little island in the sea of people at the show.  Almost all the boxes near us eventually had a lot of people in them.  Everyone was very friendly and sociable.  I think it's part of the fun at a concert to hear the start of a song you like and be able to look around and cheer for it, or smile and share your excitement with your neighbor (who is just as excited about it themselves).

The upper lawn area.  At the end of the night, after it was dark, people from this area were throwing lots of light-up bracelets in the air, towards the stage, and it was like a bunch of shooting stars when you turned and looked back at it.  It was super pretty.

View from the Cliffhouse:

View from our box before the show started:

The show starts!

Once the sun goes down all you can see is the stage.  Dave Matthews Band had a really spectacular light show.  There were light flashes, backgrounds with all sorts of visual texture, images echoing the feel of the song (I thought I recognized a scene from Gravedigger?) and cameras feeding close-up shots of the band performing.  It was such an amazing show!  Everyone in Dave Matthews band is such a talented musician, and I really enjoyed the chance to see them perform live.  They played so many songs I like- I was happy to think that out of the long wishlist I had going into the evening, there were only two songs that didn't get played from it.  I can't complain :).  My favorite Dave Matthews Band albums are Under the Table and Dreaming (Jimi Thing!), and Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, and most of the songs were off those albums on the night we saw them perform.

Because we were there for our anniversary, I was hoping they would play "You and Me" and they did!  I guess my Jedi Mind Powers are strong like that.

Actual footage of the song at the show we went to, recorded by another fan.   The quality isn't amazing, but I still like looking at it and thinking "We were there!":

The offical video is cool, too:


  1. So envious! What a great post, and what a lovely gift from your hub.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Saw DMB at the Gorge 2 years ago. Best. Show. Ever!

    Where do you live? Are we neighbors?

  3. Love the song!! ^^ Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, you know, once you ever try the electrical drill, you will LOVE the feel of holding it...... "the power"!! ^O^

  4. Thanks Nadine. YOu look so cute in your pink vest in your avatar :)

    406 Olivia, I'm on the west coast. DMB is a very fun concert, I agree! I saw them one time before once, several years ago.

    lilstrawberry, glad you liked the song. Maybe I have recruited you to be a Dave Matthews Band fan! I had to laugh out loud about the elctrical drill part of your comment :))