Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clothing as A Memento or Hoarder's Starter Kit?

There are items of my children's clothing that I just can't ever give away because I'm too attached to them.  Items that I find to be extra cute, or that have really good memories associated with them. I've donated a bunch of things so it's not like I've kept everything.  I've got things from newborn (even a couple of those tiny little newborn-size diapers) to last year's outgrown shark T-shirt.  I have 2 girls and 1 boy, so the things from my son can't become hand-me-downs since there is no little brother.  His things have been sent to the attic for that day in the future when I'm going to make a memory quilt with them... Well, that's what my inner-hoarder tells me I'm going to do with them anyways.  She's good at rationalizing why I need to keep all those old clothes.  Never mind that I don't know how to make quilts.

  The things from my older daughter are saved and then passed on to her little sister.  Once she grows out of them, I'll sort and save like before.  One of my absolute favorites is this embroidered blouse from Tea.  It's so nicely made with cute little cap sleeves. The embroidery around the front and back of the neck is very heavy and detailed.

My kids are my little works of art, and they keep growing and changing. The outgrown things let me travel back in my mind to those stages we went through together and have a little pieces of that time in my hands.

  I also save some of my own old clothes for sentimental reasons, like the whiskered (ugh- whiskered??) jean skirt I wore on the first date with my husband and a few of my dad's old shirts hang in my closet.  It's kind of like having his picture in a frame, except it's his clothes instead of his face.  I see them and remember when he wore it driving me to school or when we went out as a family to "rib night" at the local restaurant. 

 I have a baby T-shirt from when I was little that each of my kids has worn- maybe some of the things I save will be worn by their children!  You know, the ones I haven't made into a quilt by then...


  1. I have a girl and a boy one year apart. I have 3 large clear boxes full of clothes and shoes, the outfit they each wore home from the hospital and the blankets. There's a 4th box I recently started with room to grow. I keep all outfits worn on Holidays, the ones with a memory behind them, and then there are those you just have to keep. I do think that maybe one day, their kids will wear them. I also have 2 large boxes of all the work they've done in school since they were 3. Who knows what will run through their minds the day these things are passed on to them.

  2. aww thats such a sweet top. love your blog xx

    check out mine if you have time :) not-gonnna-lie.blogspot.com

  3. hoarder's starter kit??? AHAHAHAHA that killed me!!!


  4. Very sweet! I also cracked up at the "at least that's what I tell myself". I have two boys and the hand-me-downs are pretty well-worn, but my mom has an attic full of little girl-clothes that I'm not supposed to know about :) I teared up a little thinking about having a father's shirts and remembering specific times of togetherness. No wonder clothing can become so special to us, it is literally against our skin, a memento of presence.