Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Transformation of the Qipao

  I was reading the style section of the New York Times today and came across a fascinating article by Joyce Hor-Chung Lau about the special exhibition on the history of the qipao currently at the Hong Kong Museum of History.  Called  “The Evergreen Classic: Transformation of the Qipao,” this exhibition is like a walk through history as you travel from the loose elaborately styled qipao made famous in portraits of Empress CiXi and her court to the fitted modern gowns worn today.  It's a beautiful style of clothing.  If you are like me, and can't visit in person, I think that between the pictures on the Hong Kong Museum's website and the New York Times article, it gives you a nice overview of the exhibit. 

 I found some great blogs with posts about their trips to the exhibit- check them out for a virtual visit:


  1. I did not kow the style came in so many fabrics. Thanks for the new blogs to read.

  2. Thanks for posting this!! It reminds me the one I wore on my wedding day :) For Most Chinese wedding, the brides would pick several dress to wear on the wedding day, and qipao is one of them... I should def wear mine again^^

  3. Nadege- I also did not know how varied the qipao has been:)

    Thavasa- cool! How does the schedule work for when you are supposed to change in to which dress? I wanted to have a reception dress when I got married, but then I liked my wedding dress so much I didn't want to take it off!

  4. This looks and sounds like something I would love to visit and see in person!!

    P.S. Btw, I think I forgot to thank you for the super beautiful reply to my "Genes" post!! Thank you :)

  5. Great blog! I hope the exhibit travels near you. Really worth the visit. PS - Based on what you have written about, here is a posting on Japanese kimonos that might interest you http://thuytiencrampton.com/2010/09/02/children-kimono-pattern/