Friday, July 2, 2010

Redhook Brewery Tour

This is a shot from the Redhook Brewery grounds.  We went there and took a tour of how they make their beers for just 1 dollar per person.  It was a really interesting tour, with lots of samples and jokes courtesy of Emma, our tour guide.

Preparing to go in:

energie top, splendid tank, Ernest Sewn jeans, Gucci "hysteria" flats

These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, so hope you don't mind the extra shot, I just thought they looked pretty in the green grass...

So, anyway, where were we?

The tour began in a tasting room filled with Redhook signage and general beer memorabilia, and finished out in the bottling plant (cola was for our kids):

These are the beers we tried.  They were all very good. 

Each of these vessels contains $72,000 worth of beer, and would take a person 16 years to drink through at a rate of 8 pints per day:

Chart of malted barley at different degrees of roasting. The darker the barley, the darker the beer. 

Have you ever wondered why some beer is called "Ale" while other beer is called "Lager" ? This is because of the two main different ways the yeast in the beer making process behaves. Ale comes from a higher-temp brewing where the yeast eats from the top down and produces a lighter, sweeter drink. Lager is the opposite- cooler brewing process with slow acting yeast that eats the sugars from the bottom up and creates a darker beer which happens to be the variety drank (drunken?) the most around the world.

It wouldn't be such a bad job to work here, I think:

This was my favorite part:  the conveyor belts moving all the brown bottles along.  I loved the sound of the bottles clinking against each other as they moved: 

I kept hoping I would see someone put a glove on top of one of the bottles like in "Laverne & Shirley," One of my favorite shows as a kid.  It's about two young women who work at a brewery in Milwaukee.  I totally had the theme song in my head during this stage of the tour:

We had a really good time on this tour and would recommend it to everyone.

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  1. This sounds like such an excitign way to spend a day! I've always wanted to go on a tour like that, not nesseceraly a beer tour as I don't like beer, but even beer would do, this looks and soudns fun! :) I think I woudl also like the sound of the bottles clinking against each other :) And I need to say I liek the look of your flats against the green grass too!