Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where's Your Suitcase?

It's the weekend again!  Seems like time really flies once the sun starts shining.  For this Saturday's travel post, I'm thinking about travel preperations that we all have to make before we leave on vacation.  I have to worry and obsess over every detail of how the trip will unfold because that's just how I am.  I go over and over what is being packed, and how my husband and I will maneuver around with our three kids, the luggage and a stroller.  How are we going to keep track of all that stuff?

If you take the time to attach a marker to your luggage before you travel, it will definitely cut down on airport-related stress.  The more colorful, the better. You will be able to spot your suitcases on the conveyer belt faster, and where so many people have black, red or navy suitcases it is nice to make your suitcase stand out so you can spot it quickly in case someone is walking off with it, either accidentally or intentionally.  Have fun with your luggage and don't be shy to add some unique touches to it!

Eagle Creek luggage straps:

Razz Tagz handle wraps:

  Lewis N. Clark Lil Lewis luggage tags:

Pomchies luggage tag


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