Monday, May 31, 2010

Joan Kors for Michael Kors pre-Fall 2010 Trunk Show

I had the pleasure of meeting Joan Kors at Neiman Marcus this past week. She is the West Coast Regional Coordinator of Michael Kors, and I daresay no one knows Michael Kors like Joan Kors....This may have something to do with the fact that she is Michael Kors' mother.
 I think it is also because she is sharp as a tack and loves clothing, design and textiles as much as her designer son.

 Joan Kors was in town to make a personal appearance and to introduce the Michael Kors pre-Fall collection full of sumptuous knits, a new double-faced cotton (don't think I am calling it correctly) created by Michael Kors for his line and beautiful, cleverly cut sweaters, shrugs, dresses and jackets:

Here is one of my favorite dresses from the newest collection.  The model was very nice.  She said the dress was super comfortable:

The back of the dress:

On the table behind the model is a folded dress from the pre-Fall collection that was worn by Michelle Obama in the January 11 issue of People magazine.

Another piece that I REALLY liked was this lacework cardigan with sequin detailing (photo is from because I didn't take a decent picture of it when I was there).  The fact that Joan Kors and I both could see ourselves wearing it is typical of Michael Kors clothing: it suits women of all ages without looking too young or too old for either demographic.
  Joan -in my imagination we're on a first-name basis- said she would wear it with a black tank ad slacks, because black is her color.  I would wear it with a white tank and skinny jeans:

Also on the sales floor was the softly hued Spring/Summer 2010 collection:

My visit with Joan Kors was brief, but she managed to make a strong impression on me.  She was like Auntie Mame in the flesh- vibrant, joyful and instantly likeable.  Right after we took a picture together her cell phone rang.  "Hi, Sweetie," she said.  Of course I instantly thought, "Michael??" But she's just the type of person to use endearments, I think, so it could have been anyone.  After she got off the phone she said that she had to immediately arrange to fedex a couple of pieces back to the office and we said our good-byes.


  1. Joan looks fab! Interested to know about this double-faced cotton, I'm fascinated by this whole business of pre-fall, seasonless dressing and all the rest of it.

  2. Oh I love the drape of the lilac color dress. I do like MK's simplistic styles and designs.

  3. That was me who called her....kidding!
    The clothes are beautiful, and I especially love the halter, dual strap back!

    Love your blog.

  4. That must have been an amazing experience!

    I'm following you. Follow back?

    XO, Neuter Kalin

  5. those lavenders in the last pic look stunning! What a great opportunity!

  6. Wow, this is such a great LBD indeed! You looked great and it's just awesome that you got to meet mama Kors too, she looks nice and I love her enormous cocktail ring :))

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