Friday, April 16, 2010

My Night at the Charlotte Gainsbourg Concert

On Wednesday night I went to see Charlotte Gainsbourg in concert with Mr. Mother of Style.  We found nice seats on the little balcony that overlooked the stage.  That's the stage over my shoulder in the photo below.  It was a great spot because there was a perfect view of the stage and it was right near a little satellite bar on the second level so we didn't have to fight through the crowd downstairs to get drinks. 

The place was packed from front to back:

Charlotte Gainsbourg came out, looking calm and collected, wearing an interesting pair of pants with leather pockets.  I also really liked the top worn by her guitarist and back-up singer. 
 The band started with "IRM," a song that is supposed to reference the sounds heard inside an MRI machine.  Charlotte was in a waterskiing accident in 2007 which resulted in a brain hemorrhage, and had to undergo several MRIs (called IRM in French) in the course of her medical treatment, so that is where the inspiration for the song comes from for this album. 


Charlotte gave us a great show featuring the songs from her newest album. She has a very soft singing voice, and a very calm stage presence. Throughout the show audience members were yelling encouragements to her: "Bravo Char-loooootte!"
At the end of the evening someone next to me yelled a request for "Lemon Incest," the song she sang with her father, Serge Gainsbourg. Charlotte smiled at that, but went on to perform "Couleur Cafe," another Serge Gainsbourg song that everyone went wild over.  It was a really good evening.  Thank you, Charlotte :)  And Francois for getting us the tickets.


  1. i love the tunic paired with the vest. great look!

    Walk of Fashion

  2. nothing beats good live music! looks very fun. love the little dress your wearing! xx

  3. Looks like you had such a great time! You look amazing! :D


  4. That looks amazing!! What a fabulous concert to be able to go to!! And I love the way that you styled the Liberty of London top - gorgeous!

  5. she is so beautiful = jealous face.

    MM x

  6. Looks lots of fun.

    Now you can join my giveaway for more exciting things. :)

  7. Oh, I'm so jealous. I really love her new album and I didn't know that little trivia fact about the MRI machine/accident. So interesting.

    I've seen her play on TV and she does have a very calm stage presence.