Friday, March 12, 2010

Bangle Mania

  Indian bangles are really beautiful with their many colors and patterns. It's fun to try different combinations and quantities of bracelets.  My husband has brought back really pretty ones from his work travels for me, which makes them even more special :). 

My girls like to wear these small ones:

These are some of my favorites to mix and match:

This bracelet is composed of three flowers:

There are decorations on the tops and sides of these bracelets for maximum sparkle:


These three sets are actually two bracelets which are linked by a dangling chain:

You can slip other bracelets in between for a nice effect:


  1. really pretty bangles! what a sweet DH you have to get you those, and has an eye for style too. I don't think my DH would ever pick out something like that on his

    the kid's bangles are adorable as well.

    Hope you are having a great day!:P

  2. ¡¡Me encantan todos!! Son super bonitos, que suerte.

    Un Beso,, Lauura's Place.

  3. gorgeous! i love wearing things i picked up while much more unique!
    Walk of Fashion