Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Putting the "Mother" in Mother of Style

  One day in preschool the teacher asked my oldest daughter what her favorite place was. 

  "Nordstom!" was her exuberant reply.  Those were the days when we would go out shopping after taking big brother to school.   I think she liked shopping with me because we would stop at the cafe to eat BBQ chicken pizza and chocolate iced peanut butter krispy treats. But, as of January 2010, it's not as easy as it used to be, as now she is part of the two out of my three kids who find shopping boring.

  Shopping with kids is something I try not to engage in often anymore. Kids don't enjoy it much, even when they are too little to know much different and it takes a lot of focus as the adult shopping with them to keep everybody  (the kids, you and the people around you) happy.

  My advice on how to make it work:  Keep the trip short by knowing what you are looking for when you go in, and Keep the trip happy by keeping your Mom Purse stocked. 

  Now, I know when I say Mom Purse it brings to mind a large, practical shoulder bag like our old family friend, Aunt Maxine, had from which she would produce Kleenex, cigarettes, loose coins and hard candy, and she would give me hugs but I couldn't think of the affection of the moment because the cigarette smell was SO STRONG.....but I digress.

  Here is my updated list for what to keep in your Mom Purse in 2010:

#1 Boogie Wipes

These are way better than regular baby wipes. They are a nice, smaller size and wipe messy faces better without leaving this almost sticky feeling like the regular wipes. 
#2 Fruit Smash-ups and Animal Crackers

I found the mashups at Toys  'R' Us.  They have a secure twist top, so you can keep it in your purse without being afraid there will be a leak inside it.  I like that I can hand it off to my 3 year old and not be afraid she's going to sploosh it on anything.  It's nice to have some variety from dry cookies to give her inside a store.

#3 Evian with the Red Cap

These bottles are the best because the lid flips open so it won't get lost, and the bottle is small enough that little kids can hold it to drink from themselves without spilling down the front.

#4 An iPhone!

Not only can you download video podcasts and buy cartoons from the iTunes store but also there are many little-kid friendly apps.  My daughter's favorites are matching games like Memory Pro and Matching Zoo. 

   Kidsare only small for a short time, so I'm happy to work around their time to do any shopping.  I actually do more online shopping than in-store shopping now.  Kids don't care whether you are wearing something new, or if it's in style.