Monday, November 16, 2009

YSL Teint Resist Foundation Review

 It's nice to go to a party and greet someone with a hug, but it can feel awkward as I try to keep my chin from brushing against their shoulder for fear of leaving a blotch of my foundation on them. I was intrigued to see this new foundation, Teint Resist from YSL, because it bills itself as long-wearing and transfer-resistant.
 It's a little thicker than my current foundation, about the consistency of paint in the can, and after I applied the foundation it felt like paint on my face, but that sensation subsided.  Owing to the heaviness of the foundation I did have to pay more attention to blending at the hairline and at the eyebrows so little hairs didn't catch excess product, and I would also recommend using a slightly damp sponge for applying this foundation.  The two biggest challenges with my skin are large pores and redness in the T-zone, so I thought this formula covered those two issues very well. 

  I wanted to have a more neutral mouth so I also used a little Teint Resist on my lips under my lipstick and it lasted very well. 


  1. Hey I like YSL cosmetics, too :) Have you tried the lip gloss?

  2. Yes, actually!! I like it, but it's a little sticky. The color saturation is nice.

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