Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sherlock Gnomes Review

  After passing on the mantle of leadership to their children, Gnomeo's mother and Juliette's father, not to mention all the other gnomes in their garden kingdom, have gone missing.  Something or someone is stealing all the garden gnomes in London, and Gnomeo and Juliette are new to the area so they don't know where to start to find their missing crew.

  Cue Sherlock Gnomes and Watson...

  My kids, 5 and 11, both liked this movie because it was quick-paced and had lots of fun little moments highlighting popular characters from the first movie as well as introducing interesting bits for the new characters. 

  There were even some chuckles for the parents, especially as you watch the dynamics between the young team and the older team.  I felt like there was some truths in there, but maybe I'm silly to get all deep and navel gaze-y over a kids movie...

  This was a fun evening out with my younger two and I look forward to seeing it again once it comes out on DVD.  

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kendra Scott Earring Comparison: Danielle vs. Elle vs. Dani

L to R: Danielle, Elle, and Dani.  Not shown: Lee.

  Kendra Scott earrings are kind of a staple in my jewelry box.  I hesitated to get any for awhile because it seems like everyone has them and I didn't want to feel like a follower, but I took the plunge  because at the end of the day I think you should wear what you like regardless of what others are doing. 

  I found it hard to know what size to order, so I thought I'd share my observations in case it helps someone else out! In the picture above there is a pen in the top of the photo to give perspective on size.

 Danielle is the largest size, and while it is visually an impactful visual statement, I felt the size was overwhelming for me, because any time I leaned forward it felt like two dinner plates hanging from my ears.  The only way I would wear these is if I first added "Lobe Wonder" stickers to the back of my ear lobes to help support them from the weight of the earrings.

  Elle is a good compromise if you want the big size but can't quite handle it. They aren't earrings I can wear every day because they do hurt your ear lobes a bit after more than a day of wear.  I have used "Lobe Wonder" with them and that does help make it feel a little more stable. 

  Dani is the best size, in my opinion.  They are my favorite because the size is still big enough to showcase the material they are made of (the abalone are especially beautiful) but not so big as to cause discomfort when you wear them.

  Lee is the smallest size available for this style, and is a nice option if you want something dainty.

  So, I've mentioned "Lobe Wonder" a couple of times.  They are little clear, circular stickers made out of a medical tape material that gives extra backing to your ear lobe to minimize drooping and stretching on your ear lobes when you wear heavy earrings.  Put them on the back of your earlobe before inserting the earring. There is a Kendra Scott version of these but I haven't tried those. 

Highly recommended:

Hope this helps!

Monday, July 24, 2017

ootd- It Ain't Easy Being Green

  For a fun day out with my family I wore these ruffle top shorts and a bright green cardigan that I found on sale at J. Crew.  They've had some great sales at J. Crew- I've also picked up a couple of vintage cotton T-shirts and another pair of the "Billie" style cropped jeans.  They are the best!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

ootd - Madewell White Eyelet Dress

  We finally had a sunny day that I could wear this pretty shift dress from Madewell!  It's made in a super soft cotton and is fully lined- I'm really happy with it because it feels nice as well as looking nice.  I love white summer dresses.

  The neckline is what sealed the deal for me:

  I wore it with these Sam Edelman Gigi sandals, which are a great simple style that comes in about 8 million colors currently.  When I saw these blue ones on the shelf, I already had them in white, black and saddle brown, but it's such a pretty, vibrant shade that I thought, "ONE more pair couldn't hurt..."

  This small Frye Harness Saddle cross-body bag in yellow is a new style for me- I typically gravitate towards slouchy, roomy shoulder bags.  I really like the simplicity of it, and the fact that I found it on sale made it even better:

    Easy outfits like this are what I enjoy about dressing for summer.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Luzia : A Waking Dream of Mexico

  Last night I attended the opening of Cirque du Soleil's Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico at Marymoor Park. Here until May 21st, Luzia is really is a beautiful show.  Given the reputation of Cirque du Soleil  you know it is going to be a good show, and I think people really trust that they will find something to like about their evening, so they come to the experience open-minded, in a mood to trust and enjoy themselves. There is something for everyone to love in Luzia.  I saw it with my husband on a rare night out without our four children and we had a great time, but I could also see us having a great time with our kids at Luzia.  

   About a month ago I had been invited to participate in a media day to have the chance to interview team members of the Luzia production- Mark Shaub, the artistic director of Luzia, and Kelly McDonald, who is not only the talented flyer at the center of the "Adagio."act but also the co-creator of the act itself, and owner of some killer biceps.  

 The 20 minutes of interview time flew by, carried along by Ms. McDonald's enthusiasm for her work and by Mr. Shaub's thoughtful insights as the person responsible for overseeing the quality of the performance on what makes a production like Luzia so appealing to such a wide demographic. I encourage you to visit  FreshJess to read more from the interview.

  Mr. Mother of Style and I arrived about an hour before the show was to begin and headed into the entrance tent where we found a very festive atmosphere with lovely performance vignettes taking place around the space- the artist Henry painting, and Spanish guitar players making the music for salsa dancing with a luchador,

Monday, February 6, 2017

Maui 2017

  This January we visited the island of Maui.  It's such a beautiful place.  Although we are curious about other parts of Hawaii (like the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island) we can't imagine going anywhere else.  I blogged about our first visit here.  

  We flew with Hawaiian Airlines. The plane was decorated with a Moana theme and it was really pretty.  The interior of the plane:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Warmth Beats Style

  All I want is to be warm.  Looking good matters not a bit when you are too cold to enjoy it.

  Anyways, if you are sacrificing warmth for style, most likely people are not looking at you today because you look good. They are probably thinking you must be really cold.

  All I want is fleece, more fleece, quilting, down, thermoball technology, cashmere, merino wool, silk camisoles, waterproof boots, gloves with smart touch, scarves with fringe, and a hot cup of coffee in a to-go cup so I can keep my hands warm and extra fleece.

  How people look when we are dressing for warmth is pretty universal.  The nice thing about this is that since we kind of all dress the same right now we can notice the person instead of what they are wearing, and think about everything else.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

ootd -Eileen Fisher Anorak

Eileen Fisher jacket | J. Crew striped top | Tory Burch flats | J Brand jeans

Back when I saw this jacket at the Rack for an amazing price, I wasn't sure if it was a style I would wear very often, but I felt it was a risk I could take since it was a good deal.  Turns out I have been wearing it quite frequently- I bought it in the Spring and wore it a lot then, and again now that the cool and slightly drizzly Fall weather is upon us. It has a hood that is reassuring when you aren't sure if it is going to rain or not.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wolford Toeless Sheer Tights (aka Nylons) & Sizing Info

  These toeless tights by Wolford were perfect for me last weekend.  I wore them with some strappy shoes and a mini dress for an evening out last weekend. They are made with two openings at the bottom of each foot- one for your big toe and the other for the rest.  These were perfectly invisible so I could have the coverage for my legs yet still wear strappy heels without my toes covered in nylons and their seams.

   I read a review that someone posted saying that the tights ran the first time they wore them, but I didn't have that experience.  Certainly be careful putting them on because they are delicate.  Mine are ready for another use whenever I want them.  I saved the packaging and have folded them back onto it so I can tell them apart from the regular pantyhose in drawer.

  Here's the sizing info on the back:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


  It didn't take me long to decide I would like a pair of these sandals by Fleeps after I saw a friend of mine wearing her new bright yellow ones.  The style is pleasantly novel, and they come in so many pretty colors.  

  I already have a few pairs of havaianas in a couple of bright colors so I thought it would be nice to order these in "galaxy blue" because the dark color against my frog's-underbelly-white feet would highlight the Fleep's unusual style: